Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear World

Dear World,
  No, I'm not dead. I think it's been nearly six months since my last post. Such as it does, life got in the way. Between work, a play I did and sorry to report, a free subscription to some trashy magazines, I have not been reading and therefore not been writing. I have a few incomplete posts but for me it runs deep and fast or not at all. So I've been thinking (uh-oh), what do I want to do with this site? Do I want to keep reading and writing letters to authors? I do love that, but I'm not sure if I can keep up with enough posts. Some books I read just don't get me the way these other ones have.
   SO I had an another idea. Last year I attended the IRA conference and the first thing they asked was as a teacher have we read 50 children's books? 100 children's books? Most of us hadn't and I thought immediately I'd like the challenge. So another thought would be posting about the book and the challenge. Sorta like Julie and Julia, but not as as many calories.  I could keep a record of all the books with a countdown, maybe set a time limit.Give my opinion, maybe write how to use it in a classroom or what students might like it. (I get asked all the time, what's a good book? My students know I love to read, but I need to keep it. I can only recommend Encyclopedia Brown, Fairest, and Phantom Tollbooth so many times before they stop asking). But that feels like so many other sites already.
  Another idea is just to keep a blog. I could write stories about my cats (hey, hey, hey, I may be a cat lady but I'm only slightly crazy and I would know to keep the stories to a minimum, just the great ones) and my students or something or other a la Jen Lancaster. But Jen Lancaster had a theme in the beginning, while I really don't and my stories aren't that great.
  I love writing and I love having something I love to write about. I want to keep on it and do better. I want to write and hopefully have someone read it too.
  SO a final idea, I've always been a fan of if I don't have to chose than why not have it all? This blog has pages, I can set up pages. One for letters, one for my challenge, and one for every day stuff. A little Whitman Sampler of Lady KT writing, if you will (ughhh, did I really just write that??). So maybe you hate it, and if so, that's okay. But maybe you will find something you like and keep coming back. And maybe with more choice, I will actually write more than once a solstice.


Lady KT

PS Did not go well and changed back :-)