Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Laurie Notaro,

Dear Laurie Notaro,
 First let me say, thank god for Idiot Girls. I consider myself a proud member and co-founder of the adjacent club, "I Make Crazy Look Good" with my bff Alison. Thank god for someone else who sees the world like I see it, who lives the way I live it and who thinks the way I do too.Thank God for both of you.
 I am an Idiot Girl. I am kinda messy inside and out. I trip a lot. I make a fool of myself more times than I don't. I have fallen off decks, off the edge of stairwells and off a set on a stage, sober. I miss my co-founder dearly. Together we have visited goats in the night, saved each other from awful dates and sang Karaoke with a guy who hears voices. I may or may not talk her into some crazy ideas from time to time as well. But idiot girls are amazing. We may drink too much, think too much and get ourselves into situations Smart Girls don't get themselves into, but Smart Girls don't have the kind of memories Idiot Girls have.
  I have grown into the series of books as well. I was single when I read The Idiots Girls' Action Adventure Club. And I was the one with the list of dumb ex boyfriends, the crazy late night adventures and hanging out at same shady bars (especially the Free til You Pee night in Merritt Island, just ask my friend Aimee).  Now I'm older and living the married life without being married. But like you, cooking was the key to the man's heart. I too remembered chicken cutlet's to a man whose mother was a health nut will bond this man to you. Baked goods help too. And I couldn't believe that I had found a guy who called when he did and kept showing up, who did sweet things and who didn't have a slew of awful friends. You like what I like and like staying home too? He isn't perfect, but I am very happy with my potential suitor.  Although I'm not planning a wedding anytime soon but I understand Autobiography of a Fat Bride. I will most likely be a fat bride although I do have a mother who does not believe in a traditional wedding so with any luck I'll be married on a beach on an island somewhere and there will be not meatball pyramid because I don't like them. It's nice to know when the time comes, there will be an idiot guide to get me through it.
  Please don't think less of me, but I haven't got through There's a (Slight) Chance I Might Be Going to Hell or purchased Spooky Girls. I just found out about Flaming Tantrum of Death and It Looked Different on the Model and can't wait to get both of them. I love all the work, but I just keep going back to Idiot Girls. I laugh out loud at the same parts every time, even when I know there coming. When telling about Idiot Game Jamie, and I know on the bottom of the next page is when her Dutch boyfriend has to carry her over his shoulder out of the family gathering and she pees on him and I start giggling. When alone, no big deal but many of times I've done this in public and many of times I've gotten the let's-get-away-from-the-crazy-lady look. Truthfully, I really don't mind it because I'd rather have people farther than closer, but I'm getting away from the topic.
    I love these books. I love that the crazy brunette is not the side kick she is the star. I may not have the funny Sex and the City story life. I don't go to classy clubs for 14 dollar drinks. My heels don't cost as much as my rent, they're from Payless and in the rare occasion Macy's (only 1 pair, I think). I don't go to art museums or blues clubs, I walk around downtown Disney and Citywalk but don't usually go in anything. I've been to Emeril's once but Moe's plenty of times.  And I am not ashamed. I am proud to be an Idiot Girl and greatful for you to sharing this with me.


The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club: True Tales from a Magnificent and Clumsy LifeThe Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club: True Tales from a Magnificent and Clumsy Life

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  1. KT--you are so sweet. I just found this by accident, and you really made my day. I hope you like the new books as much as you liked Idiot Girls. And I am delighted we have all of these things in common! I always love finding another member of the flock. I think you rock!
    xoxox, Laurie