Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Sarah Jane Gilman,

Dear Sarah Jane Gilman,
    I wish I could teach a class just with your book. Kiss My Tiara would be my textbook and my curriculum. I love this book and I love it's message.
   First, the story. I am a very emotional, dramatic person. I think in the past few years I have mellowed and overall I am happy. However at 20 and 21 I was not. I was angry and not happy with my choices in life. I was so dramatic and couldn't figure out why these relationships with High School and College boys weren't working out. (now I know it's just High School and College boys) A teenage and twenty something girl is so hormonal and obsessive it's hard to see the forest for the trees. My main education on love and romance was chick flicks.Say Anything, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Saved, the list goes on and on.  So taking my cues from all the dumb movies where the girl changes everything and gives up everything and magically the guy comes along, I wasn't doing too well. And than I found this book. I would browse the love and relationships sections of my favorite Barnes and Nobel all the time. I never bought anything though. I never felt like it was the right book. I'm not sure if Kiss My Tiara was suppose to be in that section because to me, it's more life lesson than love lessons. It does it all. It helped me see the bigger picture, to relax and to me, it's the guide manual they do not give you.
    Let me show you. Chapter 9 is titled "Every Idiot We Date is One Less Idiot We Risk Marrying." Perfect. I never thought of it that way. I used to think every date, may be the one and I treated it like it could be the one. I tried and worried, I called and messed up. I got my hopes up and watched them go drain. Then I read the first line, Dating Sucks, it changed things. I love the advice. I love the idea that not everything is so serious, not everything needs to be so hard. I like the idea that we don't need to fuss and fight so much. That we can have a sense of humor, and enjoy ourselves in the process. There is so much common sense that we take for granted that needed to be spoken to me. Art Museums beat Vogue, Why are we doing all the work when we have the goods, Don't be Calm, women who eat are sexy, you can't ask for a raise if you can't order dessert, don't believe that all single women are miserable. There is so much that we already know, but we need to hear and hear it again.
   The subtitle of this book is How to Rule the World As a SmartMouth Goddess. I decided the first time reading this, that's exactly what I wanted to be: a SmartMouth Goddess. I want to speak my mind, I want to live life to the fullest and enjoy myself. And I wish that these middle school girls I see day in and day out could know this too. They are 13, 14, 15 and they are so consumed by these boys. They let them say awful things and they break themselves down for these little boys who in five years won't mean much and in ten years won't mean anything at all. If they could only see that if they enjoy themselves, if they don't take it all seriously and if they stop bringing girls down. Things would be so much better.
   Thank you for this book. Thank you for telling women that they are beautiful on the inside, that we really need to stop, take some stock and enjoy themselves. Life is too hard as it is. We shouldn't make it any harder.  Overall the last line says it all, and needs to be my moto  "...Follow our own path, stand tall and don't take any s*it."


Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a SmartMouth GoddessKiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a SmartMouth Goddess

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